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RBSE 12th English Paper Solution 2024: आरबीएसई अंग्रेजी अनिवार्य की आंसर की यहां से चेक करें

RBSE 12th English Paper Solution 2024: माध्यमिक शिक्षा बोर्ड, राजस्थान (आरबीएसई) ने 4 मार्च 2024 को सुबह 8:30 से 11: 45 के बीच राज्य के सभी परीक्षा केंद्रों पर अंग्रेजी अनिवार्य की परीक्षा का आयोजन करवाया गया। इस परीक्षा में विद्यार्थियों को 3 घंटे 15 मिनट का समय दिया गया। इस पेपर का कुल पूर्णाक 80 अंक का था। अंग्रेजी के पेपर के अंदर चार सेक्शन ए, बी, सी और डी दिए गए थे। हमारे द्वारा इस आर्टिकल में इस पेपर के व्याकरण और पैसेज के मुख्य प्रश्नों का उत्तर बताया गया है।

RBSE 12th English Paper Solution 2024

Name of BoardBoard of Secondary Education, Rajasthan
Subject NameEnglish (Compulsory)
Exam Date04 March 2024
Time03 Hours 15 Minutes
Maximum Marks80 Marks

6. Join the following sentences using the words given in the brackets: [2×1=2]

  • Kishore built a new house. He used marble tiles in it. (Where)
  • Manisha taught English. She was a good teacher. (Who)


  • Kishore built a new house, where he used marble tiles. (Uses “where” to indicate the location of the tile usage.)
  • Manisha, who was a good teacher, taught English. (Uses “who” to introduce a defining clause about Manisha.)

7. Combine each set of sentences into one sentence as directed: [2×1=2]

  • Lencho wrote a letter to god. He wanted god to help him. (Use infinitive)
  • Usha worked very hard. She stood first in class. (Make a compound sentence)


  • The Astrologer
  • Antarctica
  • Sadao’s maid
  • lame
  • third
  • all the three

8. Fill in the blanks by choosing the appropriate phrasal verb given in the brackets: [2×1=2] 

  • The genie ____ all his matter’s orders without a question. (carried out/carried up)
  • The wanted criminal managed to ______ from the police. (get along/get away)


  • The genie carried out all his master’s orders without a question. (“Carry out” means to complete a task or order, while “carry up” means to physically move something upwards.)
  • The wanted criminal managed to get away from the police. (“Get away” means escape, while “get along” means to have a good relationship with someone.)

9. Fill in the blanks by choosing the correct conjunction given in the brackets

  • Arpit ____ Archana jointly scored the top marks. (and/so)
  • The recorder asked me ____ I was comfortable. (that/if)


  • Arpit and Archana jointly scored the top marks. (“And” is used to join two subjects or ideas with the same grammatical function, like two subjects scoring the top marks.)
  • The recorder asked me if I was comfortable. (“If” is used to introduce an indirect question, asking about a condition or situation.)

10. Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions that follow: [6×1=6]

I used every way I knew to overcome this fear, but it held me firmly in its grip. Finally, one October, I decided to get an instructor and learn to swim. I went to a pool and practised five days a week, an hour each day. The instructor put a belt around me. A rope attached to the belt went through a pulley that ran on an overhead cable. He held on to the end of the rope, and we went back and forth, back and forth across the pool, hour after hour, day after day, week after week. On each trip across the pool a bit of the panic seized me. Each time the instructor relaxed his hold on the rope and I went under, some of the old terror returned and my legs froze. It was three months before the tension began to slack. Then he taught me to put my face under water and exhale, and to raise my nose and inhale. I repeated the exercise hundreds of times. Bit by bit I shed part of the panic that seized me when my head went under water.

  1. ______ but it held me firmly. ‘It’ refers to – 
    • strongly
    • hardly
    • terror
    • instructor
  2. The narrator began to practice for _____ days a week.
    • three
    • five
    • six
    • two
  3. The other end of the rope tied to the swimmer’s belt was held by
    • instructor
    • pulley
    • fear
    • a friend
  4. How long did the narrator take to shed his fear?
    • five days
    • week
    • three months
    • One Year
  5. The word ‘end’ in the passage means
    • a final part of something
    • And
    • more
    • Nothing
  6. The opposite world in the meaning of ‘exhale’ is ______
    • Intake
    • Inbuilt
    • Inward
    • inhale


  • (C) terror – The context of overcoming fear suggests “terror” is the most likely meaning of “it” in this case.
  • (B) five – The passage explicitly states “five days a week.”
  • (A) instructor – The text specifies the instructor held the end of the rope.
  • (C) three months – The passage mentions it took three months before the tension began to slack.
  • (A) a final part of something – “End” in this context refers to the final part of the rope.
  • (A) inhale – Inhale is the opposite of exhale, as they refer to taking air in and letting air out, respectively.

18. Choose the correct alternative :  [6×1=6]

  1. “I shall cut off my tuft, crop my hair short ______ Who said these words?
    • The king
    • The minister
    • The officer
    • The astrologer
  2. One can learn more about the planet if one travels to
    • Earth
    • Antarctica
    • Arctic
    • America
  3. Yumi was
    • Sadao’s friend
    • America
    • Sadao’s wife
    • Sadao’s maid
    • Sadao’s classmate
  4. Mr. Lamb was a ____ fellow
    • lame
    • blind
    • dumb
    • deaf
  5. Everyone picked up his knife and fork for eating on the ______ bell.
    • first
    • second
    • third
    • fourth
  6. What fun and games did the narrator watch while returning home from school?
    • performing monkey
    • the snake charmer and the snake
    • the cyclist
    • all the three


  • The Astrologer
  • Antarctica
  • Sadao’s maid
  • lame
  • third
  • all the three

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